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Totally Hooked Toys going to Malaysia

Totally Hooked & Packed Toys going to Malaysia

Well it already seems my totally hooked toys will travel more than I do!

Good for them, right?

After creating a bunch of them for my friends around Bulgaria during the Christmas hollidays, I’m thrilled to announce that a large bunch of totally hooked pals are going to Malaysia with the wonderful Lora Rahneva.

Lora is a freelance photographer who travels A LOT, so they will not only get to visit some amazing places, but will get a loooot of attention.

Lora is taking a brand new Terrified Kitty, a Puffy Pal Piglet, a first generation Baby Wabbit, Round Doggy and Glorious Baby Giraffe to her beautiful home in Kuala Lumpur to be cared for, photographed and played with by her incredibly cute (and fierce) cat Omar.

Can’t wait for the pictures, Lora!

So here they are. All packed and ready to go.

Take care guys and keep in touch!



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