Totally Hooked opens the season

UntitledThese little guys are one of the first totally hooked toys. They started the summer early this year with the Avramovi sisters Eleonora and Nikoela and we decided to share the awesome time they had in Lefkada, Greece.

They had a wonderful time relaxing on the beach and getting tanned by     the pool in the villa and playing hide   and seek.

 The girls named the toys Rel and Kin, because baby bear is always HAPPY like Pharell Williams and scared kitty is named after Anakin from Starwars because there is already a Leia princess cat in the house.



We can’t wait to see more totally hooked toys on the beach this summer, so if you have a toy post a photo on our Facebook!

A special thank you to Eleonora Avramova who took the photos and entertained Kin and Rel during their vacation.


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