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2013-12-30 20.21.53-2This is it. I’m starting my own business. It’s called Totally Hooked and It’s totally awesome. I’ve always dreamt about trying to do what you love and support yourself by doing it.

But first things first. If you’ve read my about page, you already know I’m Siyana, I’m 20 and I study International Hospitality Management in Aalborg, Denmark.

What you probably do not know is that I was born and raised in Troyan, Bulgaria and I have the most wonderful friends&family gang one can wish for.

I’ll try to blog about how things are going, what are the things that are going well or not so well, the bad things about doing this and the great things about doing this. I wanna be able to come back here and laugh at how naive or silly I’ve been or remember the important stuff and learn from it.

I’ll also post polls and things I will need an opinion on, so stay tuned. I’m gonna need your help and feedback and love to do this.

So this is it. The first post. Happy 2014.


P.S. Totally Hooked is on all the social networks, you can follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +,  Instagram and Pinterest

About Siyana

Founder of Totally Hooked Toys & Goodies. International Hospitality Management student @ UCN Denmark. Happy to meet you :)

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