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Terrified Kitty


You’d be terrified too if you were forced to ride a giant turtle!

Now seriously. Terrified kitty looks a little like an owl too, but don’t tell him, he’s easily scared.

He comes in two different sizes depending on what material he’s created from. Turtle not included in the package. The turtle is a whole different story. Let me know if you want him to be 2 and a half or 4 cm tall and I can make it happen.

You can also choose his colour and eye colour.

Trusted sources share that terrified kitty looks good as a brooch. That guarantees  him being terrified all the time you wear him around.


Additional Information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 3 cm

2 reviews for Terrified Kitty

  1. :

    I love it :*

  2. :

    I have a blue one at home. I adore it while it doesnt conspire with my other cat to rule the world together! Also mine is not fond of turtles but likes to ride me attached on my clothes

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