Meet Plombir. A goofy and adorable little guy I made a few months ago. You can now find him on the website #totallyhookedcreatures #newtotallyhookedtoy

Totally Hooked Creature – Plombir


Meet Plombir! The second crochet toy  from the “Totally Hooked Creatures” collection.

If you’re wondering how he ended up with ice cream on his head, give the guy a break.. After all, he has no hands.
Admittedly, he is very clumsy, but that never gets him down. Plombir has a very loving and goofy personality and is perfect for anyone that likes to laught and doesn’t mind getting a little weird sometimes. I have no doubt in his abilities to make anyones day a little brighter.

Made from 45% acrylic, 55% cotton yarn, black safety pin eyes, felt, love and sprinkles. You can get him in different colours.

Big thanks to Elitsa Atanasova, not only for taking the awesome pictures, but for inspiring me to make this happy and goofy creature.


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