Totally Hooked Creature – Lyolyo


This is Lyolyo! The fist toy from a new crochet collection I’ll be releasing these next months called “Totally Hooked Creatures”. A huge thank you to Elitsa Atanasova for creating this design!

One of the funnest things about making him was going through all of the second hand shops Aalborg has to offer, so I could find the perfect buttons for his pajama.

One thing you should know about Lyolyo, is that he’s inseparable from his BFF – pillow (no, seriously, you can’t separate them, they’re sewn together). He’s also super chill all the time but, to be honest, I haven’t really seen what he’s like when he’s awake.

You can order Lyolyo in any colours you and with some different funky buttons! He is 15 cm tall and is made with 100% cotton yarn.


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