About Totally Hooked

Hello! How nice of you to drop by.

My name is Siyana. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Siyana Raykovska - Totally Hooked Toys

Photo credit: Aleksandra Świątkowska

I am  a 20 years old student at UCN Denmark. Totally Hooked is my tiny little startup that I hope to support me through college.

I was born in a small town in Bulgaria, but I moved to Denmark to study Hospitality Management. I live in the beautiful city of Aalborg.

I learnt to chrochet from my granny when I was 5, but only picked it up last year when I got a bit fed up with not being able to find the perfect scarf. So I decided to craft it myself and just never stopped with the hooks after that.

With a bit of a push from my big sister I decided to start this small business to learn and earn. I’m truly excited and also a little scared, but I believe with a little help from my friends it will all work out. So thanks for being a part of my adventure.

I’m working on my own toy designs and hope to introduce them to you soon. Wish me and the top of my fingers lots of luck.

I hope you enjoy my work and find the perfect gifts for the people you care about here at totallyhooked.me. I can promise I will create and deliver the toys you order in the best and fastest way humanly possible.

Feel free to send feedback and (hopefully) love.

Thanks for visiting!




About this Website

I wouldn’t be able to set off without my wonderful friends who all happen to be great at something!

The Totally Hooked logo was created by the amazing Echeto Atanasovo.

My kick ass website is built on WordPress with the free theme Artificer from Woo Themes  and put together by my sister at MazeLabs.

Peio Popov helped us with the legal copy of the site – you rock!


The pictures of the Totally Hooked Toys were shot by Nikolay and Yana. I also want to thank Lora for sending me all the cool pictures of Terrified Kitty travelling the world with her.

And thanks to all of you guys, who send me pics of the adventures of your Totally Hooked Pals.

You guys rock!